Thursday, July 02, 2009

Change of Scenery...

Does this new background look okay, or is it too reminiscent of giant boobs? I can't tell yet.

So, since I've last posted, and since starting this whole "pay attention to your food" endeavor, I am happy to report that as of today, I am down 6lbs! Of course, losing those 6lbs still keeps me right around where I was the last time I mustered the courage to post my weight. AND I know that my weight can fluctuate up to 5lbs on any given day. BUT I am going to take it as a victory and a sign that being more mindful of the food I eat and how I eat it is the path for me to find a healthy and happy weight.

I've got a little extra motivation this month, as I am planning on attending BlogHer towards the end of the month. I know there will be women there of all shapes and sizes, but the couple of women I know I'm going to be hanging out with are petite and cute. I am so not petite and cute--"football player-esque" is the modifier I'd use to describe myself. So if I could trim down a few more pounds this month so that I don't look like I belong quite as much on the defensive line of the New England Patriots, that would be cool.

So lets' see--what have I been eating lately? Admittedly, I've fallen out of the habit of photographing everything, but I will get back into it.

One of the keys I'm finding is portion control. Husband and I split this fennel and something else pizza a couple weeks ago at a restaurant downtown called BoHo. It was delicious, but I only had 2 pieces, when I would normally have, um, eaten half of it and fought Husband for the last piece.

Husband's soup @ the same restaurant--potato & leek, I want to say--was delicious. A couple spoonfuls did the trick.

Same restaurant--ginormous salad of fresh beets and goat cheese. I was sad to see them take this away from me only 1/2 eaten, but it was just too massive (it doesn't look so huge in this picture, but it could have been an entree). Working on portion control is opening up for me a realization that I have tremendous guilt about not finishing food. But I don't know why--no one ever gave me the "starving kids in Africa" line when I was growing up. But still...

Yogurt and toasted, milled flax seed from Trader Joes. Delicious

Beef and guacamole tacos from Loteria @ the Farmer's Market. Should have put my hand down for some perspective--they're tiny, but delicious.