Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Week One...

The scale this AM read 166. I am down 4 pounds. Yay! that is a good start, no? It doesnt' mean I'll be wearing a slinky black thing to the wedding I am going to in Hondras in less than a month, but it's a start. I had planned on buying those Spanx sucky-innie things (their technical name, I believe), to camouflage all the wobbly bits. But it was pointed out to me that it might be a bit hot in Honduras for all that lycra and spandex. So I will be sucking it in all night without any elastic help. Damn. I guess lunch tomorrow will be a scrumptuous piece of lettuce....

What have I done differently? I guess I've just eaten a little bit less. No Starbucks during the week. Smaller portions. No ice cream at night. More salads.

This week I will drink more water b/c man, I am parched.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

First day...not a banner day.

Okay, so I started strong. At least in the "deprivation" category, which is soooo wrong. We had nothing for breakfast. Nada. Zilch. Not a good plan, I know. Rule #1 of the diet--be prepared. I, on the other hand, scavenged. There wasn't much to eat, so breakfast was a tiny little muffin and a glass of low sugar OJ. Then there was copious cuddling and napping with my little man. Lunch consisted of a turkey, cheese & mustard wrap--fabulously in keeping with the spirit of the diet. Then I complimented my health lunch with a 3 mile walk to Starbucks to meet a friend. I managed to avoid all manner of tasty treats at Starbucks and settled for a cup of herbal tea w/ a Splenda packet.

here's the problem: lunch was at noon. Tea was at 4pm. After tea, (um...not filling to begin with, by the way), came a great empty space where no food was cosumed again until 7pm. This is a bad idea. That was 7 hours with nothing to eat. Seven long, hungry, food-deprived hours that turned on the "beast" in me. Dinner consisted of a Baja Fresh burrito, 1/2 a muffin and all the M&M's I could shove in my mouth before I started feeling guilty (surprisingly, that is a LOT of M&Ms).

Alas, I fear today was a bust. But I will not fret. Tomorrow I am all about the grocery shopping and the planning. My goal tomorrow is to drink the whole 8 glasses of water thing b/c aside from being a smidge of a porker these days, my skin is hearkening back to 7th grade, which class photos can prove was NOT my most attracitve year, skin (or hair) wise. Maybe that's what I should do---tack up a picture of my fat, zitty 7th grade self on the fridge. Yikes. That might keep me out of the kitchen altogether....