Saturday, May 31, 2008

When Sarah Met Salads...

Remember those scenes in When Harry Met Sally where we learn that Sally is a bit on the high maintenance (albeit orgasmic) side in terms of ordering her food? It made her endearing, right?

It makes me annoying. At least to myself. Perhaps no one else notices my constant "on the side"-ing these days, but as Harry says, "On the side is a very big thing for you." For Sally, it was sheerly a matter of "I just want things how I want things", a self-assured expression of her individual taste and persnickety personality. For me, it is more of a "I'm tired of being fat so just keep all the yummy stuff off of my plate, please."

This week, I had a spinach and strawberry salad, raspberry vinaigrette on the side, and a pear & gorgonzola salad, champagne vinaigrette on the side. Yes, I fully realize that the gorgonzola should have also come on the side, but dear lord people, baby steps!

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Leap Year Dad said...

Didn't I see that movie with you?

Anyway, keep it up, sweetness ! Just as Ethan starts to put on weight, painfully slowly as it seems, you'll start to see the rewards of your work, painfully slowly as it seems.

Think of it as conservation of pounds in the world. You are donating weight to your little elf, so that he can't walk on top of the smog clouds in LA anymore.

Keep it up. Proud of you for going through this on top of everything else. As for weighing as much as "a man" (another post), I haven't seen 162 in, er, 18 years I guess (left high school at ~150, Freshman 30 was such fun, never mind "sympathy pregnancy" weight) I have gotten below 200 again.