Monday, April 09, 2007

Biggest Loser..

I think this show needs to be on ALL. YEAR. LONG. I am always so inspired by it (and constantly grateful that the people on the show weigh so much more than me). I think if it were on, say, every night at dinner time, I would be able to maintain some motivation. What is the hot trainer's name? Bob? I want to be on his team. I can totally see myself vomiting after running an 8 minute mile and doing 100 crunches just to impress him (with the physical activity, not the puking).

The only thing that horrifies me about that show is when I see the women start to get close to my size at the weigh-ins. Secretly, I want to be at a weight that is untouchable to them. When they get to 170 or so, I start wishing them ill, like maybe they'll fall off the wagon and sneak a pint of Ben & Jerry's when no one is looking. It's not nice. Go ahead and judge me, internet.

And then, they come back and do the final weigh in and the girl who wins always weighs less than me. And I realize, if I had just stuck to eating less and working out more, in the amount of time she went from 240lbs to 130lbs, I could be like, Nicole Ritchie. Sigh.

But it's Biggest Loser off-season, so I have to find my motivation elsewhere. I am toying with the idea of putting a picture of Jessica Biehl on my fridge, but that seems a bit eating-disorder-ish and hello, she's like 22 years old. I think my days of aspiring to a stripper's body are probably pretty much over. But hrm....Halle Berry's older than me, isn't she? So is Demi Moore....Again, sigh....

Today was all right. Husband is out of town for business, so dinner consisted of a bowl of cereal. Of course, we were out of skim milk, so I had to steal some of Ethan's whole milk. Good god, that was a tasty bowl of cereal. You never realize how skim is basically white water until you are treated to whole milk. It was like having cereal ice cream....yummmmm.

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