Saturday, April 14, 2007

Personal trainer, take two...

So last week while I was in Whole Foods getting whole milk, bananas and frozen blueberries to use for smoothies in an attempt fatten up my baby (ah, yes, the cruel irony of fat mama, skinny baby), Ethan's former swimming instructor approached us. She was in the little cafe attached to the store and saw us, and wanted to say "hi". Very sweet. She made me want to take swim classes and I HATE swimming classes (bad memories of Nurse Ratchet style swim instructors from my own youth).

Low and behold, I notice she is wearing Gold's Gym gear. And then she tells me that she's on her lunch break and that she's a personal trainer at one of the Gold's near my house. Gold's gym is the Starbucks of the fitness world. There is practically one on every corner in this town. I can think of four off the top of my head that are within 5 miles of me. That's a lot of muscle-bound meatheads in a tiny space, people. No, wait--there are five. I forgot about one. Yikes.

Anyhoo, I made a passing comment about trying to get back into a routine, but being nervous about the childcare at my current Gold's and she got all excited to tell me how fabulous the childcare is at the Gold's she works for. I figure this is a woman who teaches 6 month olds how to play in water, she's probably got a good idea about basic child care. She said that there are always at least 2-3 sitters on site (as opposed to the one sitter with 12 kids I encountered last Friday at the other gym) which pretty much sold me right there. It's not like Ethan is a monkey climbing the walls or playing with knives. He just needs someone to keep an eye on him and that's hard to do when there are 11 other kids in the mix and only one set of eyes.

Long story short, Jenny is my new personal trainer. I cancelled the appointment I had for today (which I would be at this very moment. What a bummer that I won't know exactly how fat I am until this coming Thursday. Damn). Hopefully she will whip me into shape and I won't have to be pre-occupied with thoughts of my child being trampled by fifteen muscle-bound, sweatband-wearing toddlers while I work out.

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Sarah Lowe said...

Good Luck with your new trainer! Keep your head up...You should also check out my blog....I am a Personal Trainer and Mother so I can totally relate to your weight loss journey. Feel free to contact me if you ever have any fitness concerns/questions.