Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What? Am I supposed to be exercising?

The eating better is going better. Who knew that cherry tomatoes are >this< close to tasting like candy? Unfortunately, I also baked a lemon/blueberry bread for a playdate yesterday that was delicious. And thus, far more of it than should have ended up in my stomach. Today, however, I had a bowl of cereal for lunch, and salads (big hearty salads) for both lunch and dinner. Strangely, I'm not hungry.

But the working out hasnt' happened since Saturday and that needs to change. Jillian only promises her shredding works if you do it every. freaking. day. Much as I hate her, she's right. I CAN do anything for 20 minutes, so I've got no excuse. I am Queen Excuse and that's got to stop.

Tomorrow, in addition to shredding, I am going to take a yoga class in the morning and hopefully getting to the gym for a little time on the treadmill in the afternoon. Seriously---a goal of THREE workouts in one day??!!! Jillian Michaels can suck it.

Oh, I'm also thinking of taking "before pictures". I'm scared. Hold me.

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