Tuesday, December 18, 2007



Not the end of the world. I was dreading a 164 or something like that, so I should be relieved. But I hate that stupid 6. Hopefully it will be gone next week.

I bought myself a food journal today and am instating a strict, "you bite it, you write it" policy with myself. That means the bite of Ethan's french toast I had this morning and the handful of corn flakes I treated myself to during his morning snack have to get written down somewhere, much to my chagrin and embarrassment. Oh well. Hopefully it will make me more aware of how many stray, empty calories I put in my mouth every day.

And, it is going to be above 45 degrees every day this week, so we will walk every day this week.

Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be looking at a number on the scale with no 6's in it.


KMW said...

I am so impressed you are doing this over the holidays. I ended up throwing out my scale when I was trying to lose weight after Q. It ended up being easier to generally know that I was making an effort than to see the ups and downs every day. But then again, with a scale, I am WAY more than 3 a day-er--more like a hundred times a da. Also, we had Chanukah's with the in-laws last week, and seriously? I think I ate a whole tub of sour cream. I even had to comment, "why don't I eat some ladke with my sour cream!" Really. really. You are so good to do this over holidays. I bet its easier when everyone has their new year resoloutions in check. Good job!

Manhattan Mama said...

Hey Sarah -- If you can be so gut wrenching honest, maybe I can make a go of this too. Years after weening The Rabbit and the cheesecake has not gone away either....maybe tomorrow it's time to buy a new scale again...