Saturday, December 15, 2007


So fine. I am still at 160, but considering what I've eaten this week, what with Operation Gratuitious Hospital Stay and Husband's company holiday party last night, it is impressive that I only packed on 1 pound instead of 4-5.

Husband & I were going through pictures today, trying to find images to use in JibJab's holiday cartoons (dear god, they are pants-peeing funny people) and I have to say, even being down 10 lbs-ish in the past four months or so makes such a huge difference. I am still 20lbs more than I was for our wedding (and I can only blame 15lbs of that on the pregnancy; 5 of it is comprised of coconut shrimp and an elixir called a lava flow consumed by the pool in Hawaii). The embarrassment level suffered upon looking at pictures of myself as gone from the soul-crushing "horrifyingly" to the merely uncomfortable "very". It's far less painful to look at recent pictures of myself, but I am sure that, should my losing streak continue, in a few month's time the holiday pictures that are sure to come into existence in the coming weeks will seem hideously deformed in comparison. That's okay. I am willing to cringe later on if it means I am closer to my goal.

But for now I re-set my expectations for this week. More water, more walking. Maybe I will get to wave good-bye to the 160's yet again, for good.

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