Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Water, Water, Everywhere...

Okay, so drinking enough water is such a down fall of mine. Unless it is super icy cold, I am just not interested. And I know that's a problem for me and my weight loss. I know that drinking lots of water is healthy for me and will fill up my belly so I'm not stuffing it with tasty treats like muffins and chips, etc (mmmmm, muffins).

When I was pregnant and on bedrest the nurses gave me a giant plastic mug with a cover, a handle and a straw and I was expected to drink the equivalent of six of them a day. The peeing was insane--I know part of it was the baby using my bladder as a trampoline, but the sheer volume of water I had racing through my body was impressive. And my skin? Never better. I can't really speak to any weight loss since I was gestating and watching my mass increase seemingly daily, but perhaps it slowed the weight gain and kept me at a, ha ha, reasonable 40lb surplus instead of 50-60+lbs (I do love chocolate, after all).

I have tried in the past to up my water intake by using those flavored powders and I will definitely drink more if I can just grab a plastic bottle and go. But the flavored powders whisper, "I'm gonna give you cancerrrrrrrrr" and the plastic bottles whisper, "forever in a landfilllllll...oh, and I'm gonna give you cancerrrrrrrr," so I have a tough time keeping up with either of those practices. And regular old water in a glass or even a stainless steel bottle just doesn't appeal to me. I'm weird, I know.

But weird or not, I have to start drinking more water. I already eschew sodas, both diet and not; I rarely drink coffee or juice. I can go almost entire days sometimes without drinking anything except the water I wash my Zoloft down with in the morning. Not good.

So my challenge to myself this week is to drink up. Lots of water every single day. In a glass, with lots of ice. No plastic bottles (shhhh, don't tell the bottle of Ethos water next to me right now), no flavored powders. Just water. And I'm betting in a week my body will feel better, my skin will look better and I'll have cultivated a new habit that actually promotes my overall health. Imagine that.


cicadalady said...

sarah - my dad's girlfriend writes a blog about weightloss. thought it might be worth sharing:

RoseAnn said...

I struggle most with drinking enough water in the wintertime. Even though our humidity in Denver is like -10%, I just don't feel as thirsty when it's cold outside!

Your post inspired me to (wash the dust out of and) fill the mug I keep on my desk. I now have a whole 2 hours to finish a measly 20 oz. of water and then do better tomorrow!

lonek8 said...

I made the decision several years ago to drink more water, and it has made a difference. I love those hospital jugs, especially when they come with nurses to keep 'em full! I cannot do reuseable plastic bottles because they make the water taste weird, and I haven't tried the aluminum yet because they are expensive and I've heard the inner coating can still contain whatver the bad ingredients are that give you cancer, so um, no, I don't think I'll spend $30 bucks on that, thanks. But I can't use regular glasses because I'm a sipper not a chugger and I have little kids who spill them and cats who come and drink or dip their feet in (ew), so I am stuck with regular plastic bottles. I prefer Aquafina 1 liter size, and I refill them with tap water until they are very used and start to smell like my chapstick and then I recycle them and start over. And yes, that is gross, but it works for me. I have three bottles and I keep one with me at all times and the other two in the fridge (I like super cold water too). On a good day I get through all three and I'm plump and hydrated. it takes some forcing at first, but once you get used to it, you'll get really thirsty and it is easier to keep it up. good luck!