Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Bermuda Triangle of Weightloss

1.) I've been sick--sick Sarah neeeeeeeeeds carbs
2.) It was my birthday--birthday Sarah neeeeeeeeeeds cake
3.) It was Halloween, people!!---Halloween Sarah neeeeeeeeds candy

So, yeah. In the face of the above Trifecta, the weight loss has pretty much stalled in the past week or so. I skipped last week's WW meeting solely on the basis of the fact that it was the day after my birthday and turning 38 was tough enough without hearing "Did you eat an entire cake yesterday? Because you gained 350 lbs!" at weigh-in.

But I'm feeling better (sort of; there's still a lot of coughing going on). And I've gotten the birthday cake thing out of my system. And I'm sending Husband to work tomorrow with ALL the remaining Halloween candy. And there's fish, fish, fish on our menu for this week.

Tuesday I go back to my WW meeting. I don't expect to see a loss, honestly. I hope I don't have to change the ticker above to show a gain. Tomorrow will probably be a water and orange slices kind of day, know what I mean? Sigh.

My hope is that extending my NaBloPoMo challenge to this blog will motivate me to stick more clearly to my goals and encourage me to actually lose some significant weight now and going into the future.

And if anyone wants to give me your best tips for getting through the holiday season WITHOUT gaining 50lbs, I will gladly take them and incorporate them into my "don't get fatter between now and Christmas" plan. Thanks!


Sarah said...

just be fucking starving all the time.

kidding. sort of.

I LOVE those Dove mini ice cream bars-- only 60 calories each and eating one saves me from eating something else. I can eat 4 before I have done nay serious calorie damage. I also LOVE Clif kids Z-bar--only 140 calories, lots of protein, easy to have on hand if you get hungry between meals.

Ben and I also blanch a huge pot of veggies on Sunday night so that we always have a whole bunch of them to snack on throughout the week. When I am hungry, I need something I can grab in a hurry, so I'll never go to all the trouble to blanch (or even wash) something in the heat of the moment.

Sarah said...

Oh! One more: TJ's has some 100 calorie pack oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that I love. With a cup of flavored coffee (also a huge calorie save from a latte), they are almost decadent :)